Saturday, 30 January 2010

Some thoughts to ponder

This week has been a bit of a funny one really, as the date of the grading gets closer my enthusiasm for getting on and finishing off what I need to do is waning. Standing outside the chip shop last night in the snow I got to thinking on why this could be. By prevaricating and putting things off I think I am subconsciously trying to put off the looming date, by that I mean if I don't acknowledge the things I need to complete then the grading seems that little bit further away. I am starting to get pretty apprehensive about the whole thing and to top it off I just know that the whole new job role will kick off just when I will be needing to some calm in my life, why is nothing easy? Or at least not so stressful!?!

I have tried very hard this week to get a grip of my nutrition and to keep some physical activity to the forefront. I have managed a couple of cardio sessions this week but have been unable to do any weights due to a niggling injury to my shoulder, this has also affected the reps I usually do as I have avoided doing any press ups after tearing something on Thursday night during the press up drill in class. With only a few weeks now until the fitness test this is the bit that I have the most control over but silly little injuries like this can really set me back. All I need to do is just keep a positive outlook and focus on the little achievements I can make throughout the week.

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