Monday, 11 January 2010

Day off, what day off!

Sitting here in my hotel room in a chilly central London and thinking I would much rather be at the school going through some basics! Odd day really, it was a day off but as I have an early start to my training course tomorrow I had to leave around 2pm from home to make sure I got to London with plenty of time.

I got to do some cardio, not a great amount but it was doing the mile and a half again, I was going to crack on with some weights as well but my chest was feeling a bit tight so I thought it best to get on with some theory instead, I think I will get up early and do 30 mins before breakfast tomorrow.

Still not feeling like I have a routine set yet which is starting to worry me a bit, I find it really difficult to maintain an enthusiasm when I can't establish a good routine, the trouble is I don't have a lot of time to get it established, this week is not helping but at least there is a gym here at the hotel so I can get on with some fitness.

I'm starting to feel a bit whingey so I need to pull my socks up and just get on with it.


  1. Stop yer bloody whining man and get on with it ;)

  2. I've been experiencing something similar for the last week or so. I decided to drop everything and focus on my MSc but instead I've been avoiding it. Tonight AT LAST I think I've pushed past the fog as I started working on the formatting of the dissertation in MS-Word 2007 which is an interesting mini-challenge. As I'm doing it, I'm ideas about what to do next.

    Perhaps you could find something similarly "no brainer" to do that could build up your confidence in getting yourself going?