Saturday, 2 January 2010


Where has the week gone? I last did a post on Tuesday and weirdly it feels a long time ago but at the same time time has gone so quickly, its Saturday already and normality beckons. I always think Christmas and New Year flies by and it does leave me a little sad, you get to have a break from your normal routine, do nothing but eat and catch up on telly that you wouldn't normally get the chance to watch. I'm looking back on 2009 as a year of pressure, work, family and in my MA training. Work effected my training schedule a lot, but what it also did for me was make me be creative in how I could ensure I was keeping on top of what i needed to achieve in MA.

Even though the holidays are so fleeting I am looking forward to getting the routine established, the time off has enabled me to sort stuff out in my head, allow a few ideas to grow and hopefully I will be able to get 2010 off to a real bang in terms of my personal, physical and spiritual development (by the way I am not a religious person per se so I use spiritual in the sense of the mind, body type thing, very much what Ilyokwan stands for)

With less than 3 months to go now until black belt testing, I have completed my thesis, am probably 75% there on the pattern breakdown so I am feeling okay, not brimming with confidence but okay with how I have done so far. I can always do more, but so can the majority of us, I need to be positive about what I can do myself and try not to get hung up on the stuff I cant control (easy to say, hellish to actually do, I am my own worst critic)

This year i definately need to help the kids out more, it is potentially an important year for Ele, she may be looking at black belt testing in Autumn and i need to make sure I give myself the time to work with her, encourage her and not let her get to obsessive about it. With any luck she will have been seeing what I have been up to and the fact that I have always spoken to her that the black belt is nothing more than a stage on her own journey within MA that she won't get too hung up on it. But then again she is only 10 so probably no joy there then!

My last couple of days will be spent finishing off the mince pies and taking stock of everything so that I can just get on with it come Monday morning, which from work is right back in the frying pan and from training will be a good session Monday night, I also need to squeeze a cardio in there as well which may have to change to a weights session as time will be a big factor.

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