Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pretty Vacant

This will be a pretty short post I imagine as the last couple of days have just gone by in a drug induced blur. I went into hospital on Thursday and at the point that they shot me with the anaesthetic the rest of the week kind of sailed by with me just occasionally focussing enough to drool over my new iPad that came yesterday. I did manageto to through very one of my patterns from Chon Ji all the way up to Gae Baek, things were starting to get vague again by that time so I caught up with the tonnes of TV I had stored on the Sky + box.

This wasn't how I imagined yesterday going, I have managed to source a couple of good books on Korean history and myths but to be honest, yesterday, I tried to star reading but couldn't hold my attention on the words for more than a minute or two so gave it up.

I had planned to go for a run today but still feel a bit off and my wife suggested that I just take another day, so I will today. The rest of today will be spent with the kids and tonight, as it's St Paddys day will be spent listening to a bit of diddley dee music in the pub with a couple of cold Guinesses, bliss!

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