Saturday, 10 March 2012

Finding the positives

I've been quite conscious that the posts this week seem to be all about problems, for those who know me I'm a pretty optimistic guy who usually finds positives in everything, so it has been interesting to look back and compare them with todays post.

How can you be feeling down at the weekend! No work, no firm plans so it was nice to get up grab a coffee and a bowl of cereal and head back to bed. Michelle, my wife was off to a printing course today so I was designated adult to the kids. I decided to set a stellar example by staying in bed and firing up the inlayer. I ended up watching a great programme that followed David Walliams, the comedian, in his Sport Relief Thames swim.

It was a really inspirational programme showing a guy who isn't an athlete pushing himself to achieve something the no one else had attempted. He himself talked about the mental aspect of the swim, the focus needed to push past the times when the body was saying no. After the programme I was always going to go for a run but I have to say I felt really energised as I started out and realised I was putting in a good time, with plenty of effort,so much so that I found myself heading back in towards home and realised that I may have pushed a bit too hard. The breathing was tough, I was noticing the little aches and pains in my muscles and I started to get a stitch.

This is when the mental effort really kicks in, it's these times when things start to get ucomfortable that it becomes all too easy to listen to the little voice that says "take a break, walk for a bit, it doesn't matter" it's down to will and a bit of mental toughness to get past that voice to counter it with "do it, keep running, it's not far, just past this next road sign" all these little tricks help you get past the uncomfortable moments and enable you to achieve what you set out. I ended up finishing the run, in glorious sunshine, very tired but pleased that I had completed it and not compromised on what I set out to do. I even shaved another minute off the time which is good but not something I want to do each time I do the route!

So looking back there may have been some problems, especially yesterday which I have tried to blank out as it was a bust across the board, but I'm still doing it, still sticking at it and as long as I keep that attitude I should be okay.

Tomorrow is rugby day, saying that though I am on the sofa having just watched the Wales game and about to watch the Ireland game but let's not split hairs! I will need to crack on with some prep and patterns practice tomorrow morning, freeing me up for an afternoon shouting at the TV in the pub whilst consuming a moderate amount on Guiness, looking forward to it and what a great way to wind down the weekend.

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