Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday, Monday

Woke up this morning with a real thick head, I didnt get much sleep last night, don't know why, nothing particulary on my mind but I just couldnt settle last night.

I decided to fire up the laptop and get cracking with work about 7am, sometimes this is the way i like to work, just get on with things. I ended up working through until just before lunchtime and again the sun had come out and it was gorgeous, so not to waste the opportunity I ended up going out for a run, which really helped to change my focus away from work for 40 mins and after a quick sandwich I was able to get on with work and finish of what I needed to achieve.

I was also able to make some good progress on little jobs I had been putting off, made a good dent in my thesis and even got 30 mins to do some 2nd Dan pattern practice. On top of this I even managed to do a full session at the school tonight! So all in all this was a very fruitful and productive Monday, partly I think due to the fact i am conscious that Thursday and Friday will be out due to hospital, I'll just have to make the most of Wednesday.

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