Saturday, 19 December 2009

Where has the week gone?

No blog entry since Tuesday! That about sums up how this week has gone by in a total blur, work has been all consuming really as we race to the end of our financial year. The good news from my perspective is that the team I managed will have had their best month ever so I leave that role in good shape for the new year. So all I have been doing really is travelling from one customer to another and that has left little time for anything else. I did ensure I got on the running machine for my mile and a half as I was determined to get a cardio session in even if it was only a short one.

Thuesday night was graduation at the school, however I was unable to attend as it was the sales team get together, alocohol was consumed in vast amounts (not by me it has to be said) and much frivolity was had, luckily it was my last sales meeting at 9am Friday morning so I had to be sensilble and I am glad I did when i saw the faces of a few of the team! I did however get an email from my instructor, Rich, late on Thursday evening telling me that I had been awarded the student of the year, really chuffed with that. Its always nice to get recognition when you feel you have put alot of yourself into something, even with all the distractions and competing priorities of life. As I said to Rich when I replied to his email, hopefully I can maintain the same standard and strive that little bit more to improve in 2010!

With Xmas upon us its time to think about how I will tackle the festive season from an MA persepective. I really need some complete down time purely because work has been so all consuming in the past 3 months, timings wise doing the black belt application couldn't have come at a worse time but nothing I have ever done in my life that has had any real meaning has ever come easily and to be honest why would you want to look back on something important to you, like potentially achieving a black belt and think, "that was easy", or I "coasted that"

So I will ensure that I keep the fitness up as that is really only 45 mins a couple of times a week, nutrition will most likely go out of the window but I will try really hard to avoid snacking too much on the salty, fatty stuff. This weekend I will finish off my thesis and complete the first stab at my pattern breakdown, this will hopefully clear the decks for the new year when I need to start pulling things together and focussing a bit more on the theory side of things and look at firming up a weapons drill and self defense demo. The blog will continue over Xmas but I warn you it will probably be me lamenting the 4 mince pies I ate or the slab of Xmas cake with brandy butter I had!


  1. Your award was well-deserved Stu! Only problem now is living up to it. No pressure like ;)

  2. Yep nothing like a bit more pressure to add to the spice of life!

  3. Congratulations on getting Student of the Year. You absolutely deserve it! I only found out now from reading your blog - it's nice to catch up again as I've been out of things during the rush up to Christmas and the wind down after.