Sunday, 8 November 2009

A day to remember

This weekend has been a nice relaxing time which is great as the old batteries were getting a bit run down, didn't do too much yesterday, got up late and then managed to arrange a short notice bike ride, typically my mate turned up we jumped on and I noticed a flat on my back tire. Rather than give up I picked the bike up and ran into Wotton to get the tube changed, 10 mins later we were on the road for a good 15 miler. My friend Dave has also just embarked on a fitness campaign and he has just started getting into a gym and swimming regime so I will probably need to up my game in a month or two as his results should be pretty good with an organised regime of cross training. I have been finding the 15 miler easier of late but yesterday was so cold that my muscles really didnt get a good opportunity to warm up, and that was with pushing Dave to some 1/2 km sprints, but he said he enjoyed getting pushed and we completed it in 1hr 15mins which was 25 mins better than the last time I went out with him on that route.

Today I am off with Eleanor (my eldest daughter) to the remembrance service so time to polish the medals and remember thos epeople who make the ultimate sacrifice to allow us to enjoy the way of life we currently have. To continue the theme of relaxation I am going to run through my patterns this afternoon with Ele and ensure that I am comfortable with them.

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