Sunday, 28 February 2010

Starting to break down

This week has been pretty good overall, a few emotional things have now been sorted and home life is starting to relax a bit, just need to get over the next hump which is Shelly's Mum going into hospital next week for her heart op. I wish I coudl say the same for my fitness! I am probably in the best physical shape since I was last in the Army, which to be fair I left in my late twenties and I am approaching 40 (1 year left ;)) I have been struggling with a torn muscle in my shoudler which has severly curtailed my upper body training and last weeks mammoth bike ride have also left a few damaged bits, most problematic is an injury to my left foot. Gort onto the treadmill this week and could only do 5 minutes as I had a severe pain in my foot that I tried to struggle through but was a sign that I needed to rest it, luckily I was still able to use the cross trainer but with the fitness test looming it looks like I may have peaked a week or two too soon!

No matter what, I will approach the fitness test with a zero excuse and attack it with maximum effort and go for it, physical effort I always think is 90% mental anyway, your body is designed to work hard and it is only in you rmind where you can really decide to keep going through a little bit of pain. Obviously I am not advocating pushing yourself too far, you need to listen to your body, hence why I have been off the upper body for 3-4 weeks. But you also need to undertsand how your body works, how quickly it takes you to reach a point where you need to push that little bit more and settle into the exercise and effort you are looking to achieve.

Will not hit the treadmill until mid week , just to give it a little bit more time to rest and then will do a couple of sessions before the weekend to stretch the legs and lungs.


  1. Looks like you've been through a lot in the past week. Instead of trying to give advice as I usually do, I'll just say that I'm still following your blog and you have my support in spirit if not in person!

  2. Thanks John, falling apart at the final hurdle, must have peaked too soon.